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Meet 2022 race officials

The Race Marshal and Judges are responsible for the enforecement of all ISDC policies and race rules.  Decisions relating to dog care and treatment are made after consultation with the Head Veterinarian.  They are the representatives of the race organization at the checkpoints during the race.  Their job is to ensure that the race runs smoothly and is fair for all mushers.  Situations can arise suddlenly.  The race judge must be able to make an immediate decision so as to neither disadvantage nor favor one team over another.

Race Organizer:  Jerry Wortley

Official Race Organizer and the brains behind the event, Jerry Wortley dreamed up the idea  of Idaho’s Sled Dog Challenge while watching the “Dog Pull” event in the winter carnival.  Jerry is a long time Iditarod Air Force Pilot with several  years of volunteer work and logistics related to the last great race.

Race Marshal: Rick Katucki

Rick is the 2022 Race Marshal. This is his first year as race marshal after having been a judge at ISDC for several years prior. Rick has been a judge at the Eagle Cap Extreme for many years and Race Marshal for the Stanley Sled Dog Rendezvous.
Rick started mushing quite by accident. He adopted a northern breed dog from the local shelter and soon found that she loved to pull him on skis. Excited about the idea of using dogs for winter camping, one became two, two became three and then came a sled. A new obsession was hatched.
Retired from Healthcare management, Rick lives in Eagle, Idaho with his wife, Patty, 4 horses and 7 dogs. He spends his time working with his dogs, pursuing year round outdoor activities, and tying up 10+ years of accumulated loose ends.

Race Judge: Stan Smith

Phil Morgan is another Iditarod Airforce Pilot who has several years of experience working with the Last Great Race in Alaska.  More importantly, Phil completed the Iditarod as a musher himself.  He worked as a race judge during our inaugural McCall Ultra Challenge in 2018 and will be returning to Valley County for our upcoming 2019 race.  

Race Judge:  Mark Cox

Mark Cox hails from McGrath, Alaska and works for the Division of Forestry as a Firefighter and in Logistics. 

Mark has spent over 30 years working logistics and a race judge for the Iditarod out of the McGrath Checkpoint. 

Mark is a returning judge and is the Checkpoint Lead at the Third Fork Cabin remote checkpoint.

Race Judge:  Kirk Barnum

Kirk is a returning judge.  Kirk is a long time musher and Iditarod finisher.

Race Judge:  Steve Riggs

Steve Riggs is new to the ISDC this year.  Steve has raced and won mid-distance for many years.  He has an excellent understanding as to how a race needs to run from a trail perspective.

Race Judge:  Laura Kat

Laura Kat is a new judge to the ISDC.  She raised and drove dogs in Fairbanks for 20 plus years and now calls Connecticut home.

Logistics:  Dave Looney

A local of McCall, Idaho, Dave Looney has volunteered as an Iditarod Air Force Pilot for over a decade and became interested in sled dog racing after being involved in a weather event rescue during the Yukon Quest in Alaska.  Dave has helped run logistics and trails for the ISDC since it’s inception.


We are proud to have so many returning veterinarians to the ISDC.  Many have years of Iditarod experience which helps the ISDC provide the best possible care for our athletic dog teams.

Head Veterinarian:  Dawn Sessions, D.V.M.

Dr Dawn Sessions is a Washington State 1990 grad, a 7 year Iditarod Trail vet and the head vet of the ISDC with 2 years experience at ISDC.

She likes to fish, hunt, ride her motorcycle, boat, cook and garden.

Helping the mushers and sleddogs race as best as they can is her goal for the ISDC 2022.

Kari Reina, DVM

Veterinarian:  Kari Reina, D.V.M.

Dr Kari Reina is Iditarod trained with 2 years as ISDC trail vet.

She is a 2013 graduate of Western University and is currently practicing high quality medicine, dentistry and surgery in Boise.

Her hobbies are snowboarding, travel, camping and hiking with her dogs.

Veterinarian:  Savanna Strohmeyer, D.V.M.

Dr Savanna Strohmeyer is a 2020 graduate of University of Florida and is currently practicing high quality medicine, dentistry and surgery in Boise. She is a ISDC trail vet rookie but is very willing to help mushers and sleddogs. She likes biking, hiking and playing piano.

Michelle Chan, DVM

Veterinarian:  Michelle Chan, D.V.M.

Dr Michelle Chan graduated from Washington State University in 2019 and has been practicing around Idaho, Washington, and Montana.

She has interest in emergency/critical care, rural area medicine, and general practice.

Michelle was first introduced to sled dog medicine as a new graduate when she shadowed at the Idaho Sled Dog Challenge in 2020 and was hooked! She enjoys meeting the teams, working with the mushers, and spending time outside during her favorite season.

Outside of work Michelle enjoys a number of outdoor activities including hiking, climbing, backpacking, and snowshoeing in the backcountry.

She currently resides in Boise, Idaho with her husband and her pets.

Ashley Kimbel, DVM

Veterinarian:  Ashley Kimbel, D.V.M.

Dr Ashley Kimbel is a Pacific Northwest native that recently made the move from Oregon to Idaho.

She loves being outdoors and is really enjoying the break from Oregon’s infamous rain.

She graduated from Oregon State College of Veterinary Medicine and did a rotating internship at West Vet, which is how she came to live and fall in love with Idaho.

Participating in Idaho’s sled dog challenge is a refreshing juxtaposition of her love of nature and her career. She has overwhelming respect for working animals, from sled dogs to police and military members and is humbled to have the opportunity to support their health and wellness on the job.

Veterinarian:  Chad Hunt, D.V.M.

Dr Chadwick Hunt is a Washington State 2008 grad, an 8 year Iditarod Trail vet and a 2 year ISDC trail vet.

He is an experienced orthopedic veterinary surgeon in Meridian and will be vetting the remote checkpoint of 3rd Fork Cabin.

He likes to fish, run and ski Idaho