David Sindelar

Hometown: Fallbrook, CA

Kennel: Flying T Sled Dog Team

Lead Dog's Names: Trollee

Years Racing: 6

When and how did you get started mushing? David got hooked on mushing in 2014 when he got his first Siberian husky and met other husky owners. This led to dryland mushing in sunny San Diego that resulted in sledding in Mammoth. Through the husky network of friends, David met April Cox who let him use four of her Siberian huskies for a race where David finished in second place! That race got him hooked, wanting more dogs and to run more races.

What have been your mushing highlights? David's mushing highlight was watching the dogs work together, following every command as they glided through the forest making the last turn of his first sprint race to the finish line.

Future Goals To run the 100 miler race.