Maddie Longpre-Harrer

Hometown: Calumet, MI

Kennel: TSA Kennels

Years Racing: First Year

When and how did you get started mushing? When I was 4 or 5 years old a race started in my hometown. My dad jumped on the opportunity to organize it. I was always attached at my dads hip so I obviously went with him. Then I grew up organizing and race and decided maybe I should see what it’s like to race a team!

What have been your mushing highlights? I was able to handle for Dan Kaduce and the 4th place Iditarod team and 1st place Yukon Quest 200 team. Very awesome to watch such amazing dog care!

Future Goals I’d love to do Iditarod or go to college. It’ll just be a matter of what pops up first!