ISDC Volunteers are flexible, multitask & adapt to overcome challenges, extreme conditions & evolving schedules.

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Review job descriptions, volunteer info, estimated schedules & race information online before registering.

ISDC Volunteer Coordinators assess your skill set, availability, and areas of work provided and then recommend jobs based on ISDC needs, locations, conditions & race schedules.

An ISDC Lead will contact you with the best volunteer opportunities as soon as possible. We look forward to another amazing adventure on the trail!

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Idaho Sled Dog Challenge requires countless volunteers covering a wide range of jobs. Please indicate your desired work location and job function.
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Idaho Sled Dog Challenge requires countless volunteers covering a wide range of jobs. Please indicate your desired work location and job function.
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I hereby authorize the IDAHO SLED DOG CHALLENGE (ISDC) including its assigns and agents, to use my name, statements, image, voice, videos, or likeness for the purpose of promotion or public information without obtaining further consent or without prior knowledge of such use. I understand that I am to receive no compensation of any kind as a result of any publication, recording, broadcast, rebroadcast or other nonbroadcast uses thereof. I hereby release and hold harmless the ISDC, its successors and assigns and its elected officials, directors, agents, officers, and employees for any violation of any personal or proprietary right or any other claims I may have in connection with such use. The ISDC shall have ownership of resultant production using my image and shall have the exclusive right to make use of such production as stipulated below: 1. Availability for use in merchandising; 2. Availability for use by the participants in a training course; 3. Availability for viewing in connection with the ISDC; 4. Availability for use of Web pages and other Internet sites created or used by the ISDC; 5. Availability for use in promotional brochures, newsletters, and other publications of the ISDC. I have the full right and legal capacity to sign this consent and release prior to signing it, and I understand its contents.
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Please read the following carefully. Each person volunteering must agree to these terms: I AM AWARE AND ACKNOWLEDGE that backcountry winter travel by dog team, skis, snowmobile, snowshoes, or on foot has inherent dangers and risks for any volunteer and/or participant. I will endeavor to ensure my own personal safety by carrying and wearing recommended safety gear and appropriate outdoor clothing. At all times I will err on the side of caution. If I am concerned about trail conditions or weather I will opt for the safest possible option, even if that requires waiting in one place or choosing to withdraw from the event. I also understand that it is my responsibility to plan, prepare, and otherwise organize my personal supplies such as food, fuel, equipment, and medical supplies. I ACKNOWLEDGE that any interaction with dogs, dog teams, sleds, or machinery has risks and dangers for any volunteer and/or participant. I will endeavor to only manage equipment of which I am capable, and will turn down any activity that will put me in danger. It is my responsibility to the best of my ability to be of sound mind and body to ensure safety in my volunteer work and/or participation. I acknowledge that I will not ingest, inject, or otherwise take into my body any alcohol or drugs which may inhibit my ability to judge risks and dangers while I am responsible for any equipment, machinery, or potentially dangerous activities. I will not take any equipment, machinery, people, dogs, or potentially dangerous activities into my responsibility while I am under the influence of any drug or alcohol. I ACKNOWLEDGE that I am participating in and/or volunteering for the McCall Ultra Sled Dog Challenge LLC, dba Idaho Sled Dog Challenge, entirely upon my own initiative, risk, and responsibility. I agree to be responsible for my conduct. I will respect all private and public property and the rights and needs of all volunteers and participants. I will accept the decision of event officials as final. I HEREBY RELEASE, SAVE HARMLESS, AND INDEMNIFY the McCall Ultra Sled Dog Challenge LLC, dba Idaho Sled Dog Challenge, their assets, volunteers, coordinators, or organizers from all manner of actions, cause of actions, claims, and demands of whatever nature which result from any injury, death, property damage or loss, or other harm I or a member of my family may suffer. This release and indemnity is binding on me and my heirs, executors, administrators, and all others who may act on my behalf. I confirm that I have read and understand this Release and Indemnify.
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