Become a part of the 2024 Idaho Sled Dog Challenge! Many great volunteer opportunities: Education, Team Leads, Event Planning,
Fundraising, Social Media, & Marketing.

The Volunteer Sign-Up form is now online. Please review race schedules (front page of the website) and volunteer descriptions – listed below and to the left in more detail – prior to signing up!

The Idaho Sled Dog Challenge is a volunteer effort from beginning to end. This race would not be possible without the long hours and hard work of many volunteers. You are all vital to race operations, office administration, and fundraising. We look forward to having you on our team!

TIMEKEEPERS  At the start/finish line and at each checkpoint, timekeepers will record official arrival and departure times of each team on time adjustment cards. Timekeepers will also record the number of dogs in and out of the checkpoints.

CHECKERS  At each checkpoint, a checker will visually verify and record that the required safety equipment is on each musher’s sled and will report immediately to the Race Marshall if any required equipment is missing.

CHECKPOINT SET UP CREW  Set up signage, dog areas, volunteer areas all before the teams arrive to the checkpoint.

CHECKPOINT CLEANUP CREW  Take down signage, dog areas, volunteer areas after all the teams have departed.


The Trail Committee will coordinate with Valley County Parks and Rec and the Snowmobile Association regarding
facilities use and trail grooming, breaking trail and putting up trail signage by snowmachine. Following the race, trail
sweeps will pick up trail markings, signs and any litter.


These dogs love to run and are very powerful. Their enthusiasm to run makes it necessary to hold them back from taking
off when bringing them to the starting line. There needs to be three or four able-bodied dog handlers per dog team to trot
beside them for a short distance while bringing them to the line. Dog handlers will be needed at the Ceremonial Start on
January 29 and again the following days at the official race starts. We need LOTS of dog handlers!


From Veterinary Assistants to Finish Line Assistants – if you can imagine it, we probably need help with it! Be sure to see the complete list of job descriptions above.
Don’t forget about the opportunity to host a musher in your home as well!

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photos credit Melissa Shelby Photography