Melissa Turner

Hometown: Herald, CA

Kennel: Qualobo

Lead Dog's Names: Skunk, Rio, Aspen

Years Racing: 10

When and how did you get started mushing? About 14 yrs ago i had a New Fi that was 100 pounds at 6 months and needed a job. I took a class on Urban Mushing and got hooked. The instructor Barbera Shaefer took me under her wing and guided me to my first 100 mile race in 2014, the ECX.

What have been your mushing highlights? Last year my husband was battling cancer and it grounded me to the homestead. My dogs provided me with an outlet that I cherish even today. I was able to train my dogs in a way I had never experienced before. By the end of the season I could guide them through anything and practically write my name with their movement.

Future Goals I wish to continue to enjoy the company and intimacy my dogs bestow on me, and let life take me where it takes me.